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The Budapest Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries

Issue Date:2021-04-07

On November 27, 2017, the 6th Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries (hereinafter referred to as "CEECs") was held in Budapest, Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic of Republic of Croatia, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka of the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Jyri Ratas of the Republic of Estonia, Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis of the Republic of Latvia, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis of the Republic of Lithuania, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of the Republic of Macedonia, Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic of the Republic of Serbia, Prime Minister Robert Fico of the Slovak Republic, Prime Minister Miro Cerar of the Republic of Slovenia, Deputy Prime Minister Senida Mesi of the Republic of Albania and Deputy Prime Minister Paul Stanescu of Romania attended the meeting. They expressed appreciation and gratitude to Hungary for the efforts it had made as the host country to ensure the success of the meeting. Representatives of Austria, Belarus, Greece, Switzerland, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the European Union were present as observers.

The Participants, in consideration of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of China–CEEC cooperation, from the 1st Summit of the Heads of Government in Warsaw in 2012, throughout the 2013 Summit in Bucharest, the 2014 Summit in Belgrade, the 2015 Summit in Suzhou and the 2016 Summit in Riga to the Budapest Summit in 2017,wish to review and highlight the significant achievements and fruitful results that have been made during the course of the past five years, and the implementation of the Medium Term Agenda that was accepted by the Participants at the Suzhou Summit in 2015,and agree that 16+1 Cooperation has grown over the last five years in the field of politics, economy and trade, transport and logistics, connectivity, people-to-people exchanges as well as other areas.

The Participants underline that against the backdrop of instabilities and uncertainties of the world, the Participants should firmly safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, stand for multilateralism, and strive for openness in global economy with WTO rules at its core. We reiterate the importance of expanding economic growth, trade and investment based on fairness, market rules and universally recognized international norms. China and CEECs stand ready to work actively on that.

The Participants maintain that 16+1 cooperation constitutes an important part of the cooperation between China and Europe as a whole. The Chinese side reaffirms that it attaches great importance to China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, that it supports the road of integration chosen by EU members in an independent manner, that it wishes to see a united, stable and prosperous Europe, and that it will promote China-EU partnership of peace, growth, reform and civilization. EU member states and candidate countries within the 16 CEECs are committed to the advancement of EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and EU-China Agenda 2020 , including actively promoting practical cooperation in the framework of the EU-China Connectivity Platform, in the Investment Plan for Europe and supporting the conclusion of an ambitious and comprehensive Agreement on Investment between the EU and China.

The Participants, in recognition of the beneficial conditions arising from enhanced connectivity between Europe and Asia and the important opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative in this regard, make positive comments on the outcome of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The Participants emphasize their willingness to continue to cooperate within the Belt and Road initiative of China through consultations and shared benefits by making use of 16+1 cooperation, try to further develop synergies between the Belt and Road initiative and important initiatives such as the Investment Plan for Europe, as well as development plans of respective countries.

The Participants, recognizing the gradual expansion of the scope of cooperation and the achievements of their efforts, reaffirm their commitment to enhance coordination, explore innovative ways of cooperation and continue to build a lasting partnership in the 16+1 framework following principles of openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefit, thus elevating their ties to a higher level. To this end, the Participants formulate the Budapest Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries with 'Deepening economic, trade and financial cooperation for win-win development' as the theme, outlining the future directions for 16+1 cooperation.

The Participants reiterate that they will cooperate on the basis of willingness, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness, reciprocity and mutual benefit within the applicable norms of international law, and in accordance with the laws, regulations and respective competences of each other and EU standards and policies for EU member states and candidate countries.

1. The Participants support Bulgaria in hosting the 7th China-CEEC Summit.

2. Cooperation Plan and Coordination

(1) The Participants positively assess the important role of the Medium Term Agenda for Cooperation between China and CEECs for 16+1 Cooperation and stand ready to continually implement the Medium Term Agenda by acting on respective advantages and needs. The study of Cooperation Agenda for 2021-2025 will be initiated in due course.

(2) The Participants are welcome to take an active part in building Belt and Road in various forms by taking into consideration the actual national conditions of each country.

(3) China will invite National Coordinators of the 16 CEECs to visit China and attend 16+1 National Coordinators' Meeting during the first half of 2018. Bulgaria will hold 16+1 National Coordinators' Meeting during the second half of the year.

(4) The Participants support the Secretariat for Cooperation between China and CEECs in better playing a coordinating role together with relevant departments of China and CEECs so as to further improve the system and structure of cooperation. The Secretariat for Cooperation between China and CEECs and CEEC Embassies in China will continue to hold meetings.

(5) The Participants make positive comments on efforts made by China and CEECs to establish different associations in various fields within the framework of 16+1 cooperation. More institutions and enterprises from China and CEECs are welcome to take part in various associations in a voluntary manner.

3. Trade and investment

(1) The Participants reiterate their strong commitment to the multilateral trading system embodied in the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Participants agree to make efforts so that the WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017 yield positive results, and the core values and principles of the WTO are safeguarded. The Participants reiterate their support to China's accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and the work of the international group on export credit. They aim to further expand trade between China and CEECs in a balanced and mutually beneficial way on the basis of complying with WTO rules. The Participants recognize the role of the market and that of business as key players, as well as the importance of open, transparent and non-discriminatory procurement procedures.

(2) The Participants believe that foreign investment is an important driving force for economic growth and employment, and decide to further promote and facilitate free flow of investments for the stakeholders. The EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement, once reached, will help promote level of investment cooperation between China and CEECs and create a stable, transparent and predictable environment for enterprises and investors of the Participants.

(3) The Participants will support the first China International Import Expo to be held in Shanghai in 2018.

(4) The 3rd China-CEEC Ministerial Meeting on Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation will be held in Ningbo in 2018. The China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo will be held on the margins of China International Consumer Goods Fair in Ningbo, China in June 2018. The Participants support the establishment of 16+1 Demonstration Zone for economic cooperation and trade in Ningbo and other Chinese cities. The Participants explore the possibility of the establishment of China-CEEC Economic and Trade Officials Exchange Mechanism.

(5) The 4th meeting of China-CEEC Investment and Trade Promotion Agencies Contact Mechanism will be held in 2018.

(6) The China Investment Forum will be held in the Czech Republic in 2018.

(7) The Participants support China-CEEC Business Council in promoting economic cooperation and trade between China and CEECs. The fifth meeting of China-CEEC Business Council will be held in 2018. The Participants support the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and its counterparts in CEECs in exploring the possibility of establishing a commercial law cooperation committee under the China-CEEC Business Council so as to enhance cooperation in providing commercial legal service.

(8) The Participants will examine possibilities of cooperation in trade in services, e-commerce, service outsourcing and digital economy, including areas of innovation, startup management and business models. The Participants will together explore establishing a mechanism for e-commerce cooperation between China and CEECs, enhance policy communication and coordination, conduct joint research in e-commerce, encourage cooperation between e-commerce enterprises and promote sustainable economic development and common prosperity for China and CEECs.

4. Connectivity

(1)The Participants reaffirm support to the EU-China Connectivity Platform, and commit to exploring synergies with the Belt and Road initiative. The Participants will further explore synergies between the Belt and Road initiative and the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and its extension to the Western Balkans and the relevant neighborhood initiatives. Coordination on economic cooperation and connectivity between initiatives, including China-CEEC Cooperation, EU-China Connectivity Platform and EU Eastern Partnership, will provide opportunities for deepening cooperation among interested parties. Relevant participants will promote practical work within the framework of China-EU Connectivity Platform to achieve early harvests. Important progress has been made by China, Serbia and Hungary on the Belgrade-Budapest railway, and they will continue to coordinate their efforts within the joint working group in 2018.

The Participants take note of the Three Seas Initiative proposed by relevant countries, and welcome Croatian and Slovenian progress on Mediterranean railway corridor from Port of Rijeka and Port of Koper towards CEECs and seek to investigate, on the basis of feasibility studies, the possibility of extending the railway line Belgrade-Budapest through ports of Montenegro and Albania.

(2) The Participants wish to develop, taking into consideration the actual conditions of each country, geographical balance between regions and objectives of China-EU Connectivity Platform, transport networks on the Eurasian Continent on the basis of economic, social, financial and environmental sustainability.

(3) The Participants stand ready to further expand cooperation in development of container block trains services and combined mode transport solutions to more CEECs, using the existing mechanism set up in the framework of the EU-China Connectivity Platform to increase the efficiency of such type of operations also in terms of border-crossing management, and in facilitation of railway network interconnectivity and track gauge change technological solutions. The Participants aim to jointly examine options for better employment of existing logistic centers and the establishment of new ones in CEECs.

(4) In order to effectively implement infrastructure, transport and logistics related concepts aimed at developing trade relations within the 16+1 framework, such as the China-Europe Land Sea Express Line and the Port Area Cooperation around the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas, relevant participants aim to work out necessary measures with China.

(5) The 3rd China-CEEC Transport Ministers' Meeting will be held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018.

(6) The Participants continue to support civil aviation cooperation between China and CEECs, and welcome progress in development of bilateral air service agreements between China and other members of 16+1 facilitating expansion of China-CEECs direct flight connections. The Participants support conclusion in a timely manner of Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between the European Union and China. Support the Czech Republic in hosting the first CEEC-China Civil Aviation Forum in 2018.

(7) The Participants commend the role of the CEEC - China Secretariat on Logistics Cooperation in Latvia and its contribution to strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the 16+1 cooperation framework.

(8) The Participants welcome the establishment of the 16+1 Coordinating Secretariat For Maritime Issues in Poland. The Participants support more cooperation on technical exchange and personnel training in the maritime field between China and CEECs by making use of the Asian Maritime Technology Cooperation Center under the International Maritime Organization.

(9) With a view to the development of transport corridors, the Participants agree to step up customs cooperation within the constraints of their respective competences. Support holding of China-CEEC Customs Cooperation Forum in CEEC. China, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia will hold the 4th working group meeting and experts seminar on Customs Clearance Facilitation Cooperation on China-Europe Land and Sea Express in 2018. China and CEECs, which are Member States of the EU, will cooperate within the structures of the EU-China Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters and of the EU-China Strategic Framework for Customs Cooperation. Eligible CEECs are encouraged to take part in the China-EU Smart and Secure Trade Lanes Pilot Project. Support cooperation in customs clearance of China-Europe Land and Sea Express Line between China and CEECs.

5. Cooperation on industry, energy, science and technology

(1) In order to promote supply chain development in their respective countries, based on their comparative advantages, China and CEECs are willing to explore possible key areas for cooperation, identifying sectors for investment, and sharing best practices and considering initiatives aimed at technology transfer, while supporting the consensus adopted by G20 Hangzhou Summit.

(2) The Participants welcome Romania's efforts to activate the 16+1 Energy Dialogue and Cooperation Center and support the Center in playing a significant role in strengthening the 16+1 energy cooperation. Support the Center in organizing 16+1 energy cooperation forums and expos.

(3) The Participants support joint research on energy cooperation by the National Energy Administration of China and CEECs with a view to providing background for enterprises of both sides to conduct cooperation on energy including sharing results of research.

(4) The Participants commend the positive role of entrepreneurship and innovation in promoting 16+1 cooperation. The 3rd 16+1 Conference on Innovation Cooperation will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018.

(5) The Participants support CEECs in establishing joint labs between CEECs and China to enhance cooperation in the field of scientific research and establishing science and technology parks and conducting joint research.

(6) The Participants will consider possibilities for cooperation in the creation on smart cities in China and CEECs.

(7) The Participants encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China and CEECs to enhance cooperation and exchanges. China will examine possibilities of hosting China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair with CEECs and welcome SMEs in CEECs in their efforts to participate the China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair in 2018. The Participants support Croatia in hosting the 16+1 SMEs Center.

(8) The Participants decide to explore the possibility of signing Bilateral Cooperation Agreements in the area of research, innovation and technology between China and CEECs. The Participants will elaborate on establishing a joint lab between China and CEE countries.

(9) The Participants continue to support the Slovak Republic as a coordinator for the area of innovation, research, development and technology transfer within cooperation between China and CEECs. The Participants support operation and further development of Virtual Technology Transfer Center in Bratislava, Slovakia created with aim to facilitate the cooperation activities of China-CEECs in the field of technology transfer.

6. Financial cooperation

(1) The Participants commend the inception of stage two of China-CEEC Investment Cooperation Fund. CEECs are welcome to join the China-CEE Fund managed by Sino-CEE Financial Holdings Ltd., with a view to financing 16+1 cooperation.

(2) The Participants welcome the creation of Silk Road Fund by China and support Silk Road Fund investing in CEECs. The Participants welcome efforts made by China Development Bank and Export-Import Bank of China to establish Belt and Road special loans. Welcome efforts made by Silk Road Fund and European Investment Fund to establish China-EU Co-Investment Fund. The Participants welcome investment made by all relevant Funds in projects within the framework of 16+1 cooperation. Support China and CEECs in making continual innovations to the mode of investment and financing and creating new financing instruments. Exploring the possibility of providing support to projects through RMB financing.

(3) Participants welcome the establishment of China-CEEC Inter-Bank Association proposed in the Riga Guidelines and the participation of CEEC financial institutions on a voluntary basis. The Participants support the China Development Bank in establishing a Secretariat of the Inter-Bank Association and the Hungarian Development Bank in establishing a Coordination Center.

(4) The Participants encourage their respective banks to establish operations in China and CEECs on a voluntary basis and on the basis of the existing legal and regulatory standards and in compliance with the principle of equal treatment and reciprocity, as well as increasing exchanges between financial institutions of China and CEECs. Welcome China and some CEECs signing bilateral MOUs on cooperation related to financial regulation and support cooperation between financial regulatory institutions of China and CEECs.

(5) Participants welcome holding China-CEEC Central Bank Governors' Meeting in 2018 in Hungary.

(6) Participants continue to support the international use of the Chinese currency. The Participants appreciate the role of the regional RMB clearing center operated by Bank of China in Budapest.

(7) The Participants will seek to explore the possibility of cooperation between CEEC-China financial instruments with the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

7. Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Protection Cooperation

(1) Taking into account the food safety and food supply strategy of China, with regard to complementary advantages of CEECs, Participants encourage the promotion of CEEC agricultural and food products in China in the framework of international agricultural expos, business missions and other agri-food trade promotion. China welcomes CEECs participating in China International Agricultural Products Fair. CEECs appreciate China for providing free-of-charge exhibition space for CEE products at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center.

(2) The 13th China-CEEC Agrotrade and Economic Cooperation Forum, the 7th meeting of the Consultative Board of the Association for Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China-CEEC and the 22nd international AgroBalt 2018 exhibition will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania in May 2018.

(3) Support Bosnia and Herzegovina in hosting 16+1 Agriculture Investment and Equipment Cooperation Fair during the economic and trade fair in Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018.

(4) Support establishing a 16+1 agricultural cooperation demonstration zone in Bulgaria and in the other CEECs, and holding 16+1 International Agricultural Demonstration Park in 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria .

(5) Explore the possibility of establishing a Science veterinary cooperation center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Support information and technical exchanges on the prevention and control of animal diseases. The Participants should be informed on the developments regarding this initiative.

(6) The Participants commend the convocation of China-CEEC Quality Testing Cooperation Dialogue, welcome signing cooperation agreements between relevant departments of China and CEECs and establishing China-CEEC Trade Facilitation National Inspection Examination Area in Ningbo, China. The Participants, within the limits of their respective competences and in accordance with international standards (including World Organization of Animal Health and International Plant Protection Convention), aim to deepen cooperation in inspection, quarantine in connection with the trade of agricultural and food products. The Participants are willing to facilitate the market access of agricultural and food products, including measures of facilitation in line with respective laws and regulations and speeding up of procedures and processes to improve market access for agricultural and food products.

(7) The Participants encourage cooperation between China and CEECs in water resources management, water conservation and agricultural irrigation and cooperation in the field of environmental protection and are welcome to take part in relevant projects, especially in the field of waste management, waste water treatment and remediation of contaminated locations.

(8) The Participants welcome the participation into China-CEEC forestry cooperation by academic pacesetters in the field of forestry from China and CEECs. The Participants expect the inception of China-CEEC forestry cooperation website at an early date so as to provide a platform for mutual understanding and cooperation in forestry between China and CEECs. The 2nd China-CEEC high-level conference on forestry cooperation will be held in Serbia in 2018.

(9) Support Montenegro in establishing China-CEEC Environmental Protection Cooperation Mechanism and hold high level meetings and expositions to strengthen cooperation in environmental protection between China and CEECs.

(10) Agree to explore possibilites for establishing of "16+1 e-Commerce Logistics Hub and Pavilion for Agricultural and other Products" in CEECs and China.

8. People-to-People Contacts

(1) The Participants highly commend the activities held in the Year of China-CEEC Media Cooperation and aim to continue media exchanges and cooperation. Encourage continued cooperation on news coverage, program making and exchanges and media technology cooperation between China and CEECs and active participation of broadcasting, film, television, and international book fairs held in their countries.

(2) The Secretariat for 16+1 cooperation will continue to invite high ranking officials from CEECs to visit China in 2018.

(3) The 2nd China-CEEC Spokespersons Dialogue will be held in Hungary in 2018.

(4) The 6th China-CEEC Education Policy Dialogue and the 5th meeting of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutes Consortium will be held in China in 2018. The Participants welcome hosting of Secretariat of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium by the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The Participants welcome the signing of Education Cooperation Agreements between China and CEECs.

(5) The Participants support implementation of the Hangzhou Declaration on Cultural Cooperation (2018-2019) between China and CEEC. Hold the 2nd China-CEEC Arts Cooperation Forum, the 2nd China-CEEC Experts-Level Forum on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, the 1st China-CEEC Curators Forum of Libraries Union, the 2nd 16+1 Winter Dance Camp and the 1st 16+1 Summer Jazz Camp in China in 2018. Hold the 4th Summer Dance Camp in CEECs. Support establishing the China-CEEC Coordination Center for Cultural Cooperation in the Republic of Macedonia, and encourage in-depth exchanges and cooperation among the members of the China-CEEC Dance Culture Union, Music Academy Union and China-CEEC Arts Creation and Research Center to conducting in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

(6) The Participants, on the basis of willingness, seek to explore the possibility of establishing an Association of Publishing Houses.

(7) The Participants highly appreciate the activities of the China-CEEC Cultural and Creative Industry Forum, commend the enhancement of cooperation among China and CEECs in this field, and support the organization of the 3rd Forum in 2018.

(8) The Participants encourage cooperation in cultural heritage protection and restoration, archaeological excavation and research, mutual exhibitions, training of experts and other exchanges. The 2nd China-CEEC Cultural Heritage Forum will be held in 2019 in China.

(9) Hold China-CEEC Political Parties Dialogue on a regular basis and within its framework, continue to hold China-CEEC Young Political Leaders' Forum.

(10) The 5th China-CEEC High-Level Symposium of Think Tanks will be held in Macedonia in 2018.

(11) As a cornerstone of strengthening friendly relations between China and CEECs, the Participants support the idea of exchanges between the youth of China and CEECs through mutual visits, study tours and scholarship schemes. Support continual holding of Bridge of the Future China-CEEC youths camp exchanges and exploring the possibility of establishing China-CEEC Youth Development Center in CEECs. Encourage enhanced cooperation on women and children education and protection, as well as on women entrepreneurship promotion within the framework of 16+1 Cooperation.

(12) The Participants recognize the significant potential in tourism between China and CEECs and support measures to give further impetus for growth in this sector, including regular exchanges of experience, sharing best practices, joint research, promotional activities, networking between the agencies of China and CEECs and the development of regional tourism products. The Participants pledge to continue to facilitate movement of people.

The 4th China-CEEC High-Level Conference on Tourism Cooperation will be held in 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Participants encourage CEE countries to establish closer cooperation with Chinese partners. The Participants appreciate the continuous efforts of the China-CEEC Tourism Coordination Center (TCC) in branding CEE countries in China and encourage relevant authorities of CEECs to further support strengthening the CEE tourism brand. The Participants support the TCC in holding the 3rd China Information Day Conference in 2018 in Budapest.

(13) The Participants encourage cooperation in the field of sports by means of sport organizations of China and CEECs, organizing joint training camps and seminars, short and long term exchanges of coaches, sharing best practices in management as well as exploring possibilities of cooperation in the construction of sport facilities. The Participants encourage exchanges on winter sports as Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Welcome holding activities like Martial Arts in CEECs. The Participants will explore the possibility of establishing a China-CEEC Sports Cooperation Mechanism.

9. Health Cooperation

(1) The Participants welcome the establishment of the China-CEEC Human Resources for Health Cooperation Network, the China-CEEC Health Policy Research Network, the China-CEEC Public Health Cooperation Network as well as the launching of the official website of the China-CEEC Hospital Alliance. Support holding the 4th China-CEEC Health Ministers' Forum in 2019.

(2) Taking into account the national healthcare systems diversity and institutional structure, the Participants continue to support the activities of the China-CEEC Association on the Promotion of Health Cooperation, with particular regard to promoting contacts between the medical institutions and the actors of the health industry in China and CEECs, and further cooperation and study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in CEECs, including comparative studies of Chinese and Western Medicine and the potential of TCM in prevention. The Participants support the existing TCM centers in the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro and the establishment of new TCM institutions such as the Central and Eastern European Medical, Education and Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hungary.

(3) China reaffirms its readiness to assist CEECs in exploring the use of TCM and its incorporation into CEECs health care strategies, medical education and health care systems. CEECs are welcome to pass relevant laws and regulations so as to provide better legal guarantee for deepening service trade and cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine.

(4) Encourage enhancing cooperation in Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and production, including establishing herbal medicine cultivation bases within CEECs.

(5) CEECs are welcome to take part in medical and health projects within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

(6) The China-CEEC Drug Regulatory Cooperation Forum will be held in the Czech Republic in 2018.

10. Local Cooperation

(1) The Participants designate 2018 as Year of Cooperation between Local Governments and Local Enterprises. The Participants continue to support the twinning of capitals, provinces, regions and municipalities between China and CEECs and visiting of each other's local delegations in order to foster direct exchanges and cooperation at the local level.

(2) The Participants commend efforts made by the Czech Republic and Hebei Province in the work of the China-CEEC Association of Provincial Governors. The 4th China-CEEC Local Leaders' Meeting will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2018. The 4th working group meeting of Local Provincial Governors Association will be held in 2018.

(3) Serbia will hold the 3rd China-CEEC Capital Mayors Forum in 2018.

(4) Encourage local governments and enterprises of China and CEECs to continue to conduct direct cooperation and take part in international conferences and expos held by each other.

Implementation of Riga Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries

1. China-CEEC Winter Dance Camp was held in Shenzhen in January 2017.

2. The opening ceremony of China-CEEC Year of Media Cooperation as well as Film Exhibition of CEEC was held in Beijing in February 2017.

3. China-CEEC Coordinating Secretariat for Maritime Issues 16+1 was set up in Warsaw, Poland in March 2017.

4. China-CEEC Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine was set up in Budapest, Hungary in March 2017.

5.China-CEEC Agricultural Products and Wine Exhibition was held during the Economic and Trade Fair in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2017.

6. China-CEEC Cultural Season was kick-started in China in April 2017.

7. The meeting between the Secretariat for China-CEEC Cooperation and embassies of the 16 CEECs in China was held in Beijing in April 2017.

8. The 2nd China-CEEC Cultural and Creative Industries Forum as well as the 11th International Service Trade Forum was held in Beijing in May 2017.

9. The 1st China-CEEC Cultural Heritage Forum was held in Belgrade, Serbia in May 2017.

10. The 6th meeting of the China-Hungary-Serbia Joint Working Group on Infrastructure Cooperation was held in Budapest, Hungary in June 2017.

11. The 3rd Investment and Trade Exposition was held in Ningbo in June 2017.

12. Seminar of CEEC scholars was held in Beijing in June 2017.

13. The 2nd China-CEEC Dialogue on Quality Control Cooperation was held in Ningbo in June 2017.

14. The 3rd China-CEEC Health Ministers Forum was held in Budapest, Hungary in June 2017.

15. The 4th batch of journalists from CEEC visited Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in June 2017.

16. The 9th China-CEEC National Coordinators Meeting was held in Beijing in July 2017.

17. China-CEEC Political Party Dialogue was held in Bucharest, Romania in July 2017.

18. The 3rd China-CEEC Young Politicians Forum was held in Bucharest, Romania in July 2017.

19. Spokespersons from CEEC visited China and China-CEEC Spokespersons Dialogue was held in Beijing.

20. The 3rd China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp was held in Chengdu in July 2017.

21. China-CEEC Forum on Think Tanks Building was held in Shijiazhuang in July 2017.

22. China Investment Forum was held in Prague, the Czech Republic in July 2017.

23. The 2nd China-CEEC Agricultural Ministers Forum as well as the 12th China-CEEC Agro-trade Forum was held in Brdo, Slovenia in August 2017.

24. Delegation of high ranking officials from CEEC visited Beijing, Gansu and Hunan in August 2017.

25. The 1st China-CEEC Youth Exchange Camp of Future Bridge was held in Beijing and Xi'an in September 2017.

26. The 1st China-CEEC Development Forum was held in Warsaw, Poland in September 2017.

27. The 3rd China-CEEC Form on Cultural Cooperation was held in Hangzhou in September 2017.

28. The 5th China-CEEC Education Policy Dialogue and the 4th meeting of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium were held in Novi Sad, Serbia in September 2017.

29. The 2nd China-CEEC Capital Mayors Forum was held in Podgorica, Montenegro in September 2017.

30. In September 2017, the 3rd Working Group Meeting on Customs Clearance Facilitation Cooperation on China-Europe Land and Sea Express was held in Belgrade, Serbia.

31. Delegations from CEEC took part in the 15th China International Agricultural Products Fair held in Beijing in September 2017.

32. The 10th China-CEEC National Coordinators Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary in July 2017.

33. The 3rd working meeting of China-CEEC Local Provincial Governors Association was held in Plovdiv , Bulgaria in October 2017.

34. The China-CEEC Forestry Research and Education Seminar was held in Beijing in October 2017

35. The 2nd China-CEEC Transport Ministers Meeting & Business Forum was held in Warsaw, Poland in October 2017.

36. 27 SMEs from CEECs took part in the 14th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair held in Guangzhou in October 2017.

37. The 6th China-CEEC Leaders Summit was held in Budapest, Hungary in November 2017.

38. The 3rd China-CEEC High-Level Meeting on Tourism was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in November 2017.

39. China-CEEC Energy Ministerial Conference and Energy Fair and Expo was held in Bucharest, Romania in November 2017.

40. The 2nd China-CEEC Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Slovakia in November 2017.

41. The 4th China-CEEC High-level Think Tanks Symposium will be held in Beijing in December 2017.

42. The 4th China-Central Eastern European Countries Tourism Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held in Ningbo in June 2017.

43. Meeting of the China-CEEC Business Council and Business Support Organizations was held in Riga in June 2017.

44. In June 2017, the 1st China-CEEC Customs Cooperation Forum was held in Ningbo, China.

45. China-CEEC Meeting on E-Commerce within the framework of Belt and Road Initiative was held in Chengdu in August 2017.

46. The 1st China-CEEC Logistics Secretariat Focal Point Meeting was held in Riga, Latvia, in September 2017.

47. The 1st '16+1 e-Commerce Logistics Hub and Pavilion for Agricultural and Other Products' was established in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in November 2017.